In today's age of technology, my daughter doesn't watch TV. She might watch something on Netflix or Hulu, but she's drawn to YouTube as her primary source of viewing. She came to me asking if she could dye her hair red. When I asked why, she replied, "I want to be Markiplier for Halloween." Oh dear lord.

If you're not familiar with Markiplier, he records himself playing video games. That's right. Instead of playing video games yourself, you can watch him play video games. As boring as you might think that is, he's one of the biggest draws on YouTube with 15 million subscribers. He swears in his videos at times so I don't like her watching him, but she still finds ways of sneaking viewing of him. Much the equivelent when I'd watch Cinemax when my parents were in bed late at night.

My usual Dad answer was I didn't mind, but not sure anyone else would get the reference since she doesn't look much like her and they do have hair color that washes out which always works. Still, the fact that she'd choose a YouTuber as, to her, those are the celebrities in her eyes. She doesn't know Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but knows her some Pewdiepie, Barnacules and other guys on YouTube.

What a time to live in.

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