Saturday, May 22nd which as I write this is three weeks away. Jessica has a HUGE ask for the community. She is a youth leader over at West Side Church for students who range in grades 6th through 12th. She recently found out from the youth that most everyone is not getting a prom this year, the second year in a row this is taking place due to Covid-19 and the last chance for some of their seniors to experience this right of passage. They stated their case and the only answer she had for them was, "yes!" Now she is working hard to create a magical themed night for the students participating. This is for the members of West Side Church, but that doesn't mean you could create something too! If you are interested in helping put this last-minute event, here's the current list

  • Monetary Donations the hope is to raise $2,000
  • Artificial lights
  • Tule in champagne or white
  • Artificial Mirrors
  • Logs with moss
  • Anything that will transform

Call 509-965-2800 West Side Church if you have any questions ask Zack Stanfield, he will be able to answer.

If there is anything that the community is willing to donate, drop off and get rid of or even allow them to borrow and they will bring it back you can do so at West Side Church  6901 Summitview Ave. Cut off date for items will be Thursday, May 20th because that next day they will be putting everything together.

Let's help create some incredible memories at a special time in their lives!


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