Despite the COVID-19 restrictions that continue in Washington state home sales have been strong in Yakima County in the new year. Cory Bemis owner of Yakima's John L. Scott Real Estate says the 2021 Home Sales Price in the Yakima area is $300,000. Bemis says that's an 18.64% increase from last year when the price was $252,875.
He says there were 155 homes sold in March of this year which is a 6.2% increase from the 146 homes that sold in March of 2020. Bemis says all total 383 homes sold so far this year which is a 1.3% increase from last year from 2020. Increases have been seen across the board over the last year with many people wanting to buy or sell homes.

Those who are building new homes are having to deal with increasing costs of lumber and other materials as demand is on the rise.

A lot of people are in the market because of interest rates. 30 year fixed rate mortgages are averaging a 3.29% interest rate right now according to  That means a lot of people are searching for and buying homes in Yakima.
Bemis says the biggest and most important news for Yakima Real Estate in the last month is that Realtors can now hold open houses with up to 10 people on a property. Some open houses were held over the past weekend and Bemis says more will happen in the near future. But as state officials announce new COVID-19 restrictions with some counties moved back into Phase 2 of the state's reopening plan many businesses including real estate companies will have to adjust in ways that they can still show homes and help customers.

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