Once upon a time, Netflix’s House of Cards had only a two-season order guaranteed, and here we are a second showrunner to take us into a fifth (!) season. Following the exit of longtime creative voice Beau Willimon (after Season 4, don’t worry), House Cards has promoted from its own cabinet to lead the Kevin Spacey-Robin Wright political drama past 2016.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, House of Cards senior writers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson will jointly move into the showrunner position, having joined the breakout Netflix original drama back in its third season. Wilimon exited alongside the Season 5 renewal in January, having been with the series from the beginning.

In addition to confirming that Fear The Walking Dead star Kim Dickens will reprise her role as journalist Kate Baldwin, recent photos from House of Cards Season 4 also highlight Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman in his mysterious role, as well as Ellen Burstyn and Neve Campbell. From the looks of things, Campbell’s character will represent Claire against Frank.

In addition to House of Cards’ Season 4 premiere date on March 4, we know that Thor baddie Colm Feore will appear as “a high-profile new character,” which may or may not be one half of a high-profile British couple to rival Francis and Claire. The trailer also revealed Sherlock baddie Lars Mikkelsen returning as Russian president Petrov, along with Sebastian Arcelus as the incarcerated Lucas.

While we wait, check out the House of Cards Season 4 promos below, and stay tuned for more on the premiere, and beyond.

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