I've owned a zebra plant, a birthday gift from a listener, since my first spot in radio over a decade ago. Such a freaking survivor of a plant and finally I snatched a piece a few months ago and put it in some water. Changing it every once in a while nothing really happened for what seemed like forever a real root to appear, I say real because there was a phase of little brown things I thought were roots but then they disappeared and then all of a sudden there was a long white one. I'm excited to say that it's planted it in a cute little clay pot at home and the area where I trimmed is the best looking part of the plant now with gorgeous new green growth. I feel like I'm sort of getting the hang of this.

The peonies are beginning to peak through after being planted in February. With the warmer weather all of a sudden plants are everywhere and so are these funky bright green weeds my Father-In-Law informed me are super invasive weeds with roots that go really deep so I've been busy digging them up, breaking tools in the process and deciding to just rip up everything but what I can identify. Maybe I'll put some lambs ear in the newly sectioned-off portion with my Gnome and glow in the dark rocks! Going to have to wait for a few days. Apparently on Saturday it's supposed to get down to 25 degrees, we haven't had our last frost of the season just yet.

I wish everyone luck with their yards and plants, send me any photos and let's discuss

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