We are very blessed in the Yakima Valley to have Children's Village! Located at 3801 Kern Road,Yakima, WA 98902, it's nestled in a gorgeous area filled with trees, a playground and hope! Hope for families that have discovered that their child/children are in need of special services. Services in the past that would have families traveling far distances, putting a huge emotional and financial strain on these families. Thank goodness the Children's Village dream has become a reality and now each year thousands of young children are treated right here in our valley with over 30 specialized services that are available.

Last night Dave Ettl from KIT and I got the opportunity to meet some of these incredible families and speak to the kids about how they are getting along. I was blown away with the smiles, the laughter and the strength from not only the kids but the parents as well!

If you have ever been to Children's Village you know, if you have friends with special needs children I am sure you have heard the amazing benefits and if this is your first time learning more know this about them:

  • We Believe

    We believe that children with special needs are children first.

    We believe that children with special needs are not defined by their diagnosis but by their unique qualities, talents and potential.

    We believe that children with special needs deserve supportive intervention to learn and grow.

    We believe that children with special needs and their families bring a unique set of strengths and experiences that shape the way supports and services are offered.

If you are interested in volunteering, donating or just assisting in spreading the word please don't hesitate! It takes a village to raise generations to come and we thank Children's Village for the invaluable services you provide to not only the children but to the parents and community as a whole!

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