I am in a moms' Facebook group and the other day, someone asked the question: How many times do you wear a pair of blue jeans before washing them?

Some people will wear a pair of jeans only once before they toss them in the dirty laundry basket, but others will wear jeans a few times. One person reminded the group that denim jeans were originally made to be worn several times and that washing them too many times will cause damage to the fibers.

I was too scared to throw in my comment about this topic, but my answer is several times. Should I be ashamed of this? I will wear the jeans until "they start smelling like old french fries", which is a funny comment from someone in the group.

This standard doesn't work with children's jeans, though. I think kids' jeans have some kind of magnetic powers to attract all the stains of the world. Take for example my 8-year-old daughter, Willow. She can wear a clean pair of jeans just ONE time for just a few hours and that poor thing will end up getting loaded with food splatters, washable paint, mud, and mystery stains.

Meanwhile, I can wear my Mom Jeans for a whole week and end up with not one stain! Basically, I will wear a pair of jeans until "they start smelling like old french fries", but since kids are so messy, their jeans have to be washed after one use!

Go figure!

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