Costco is an experience worth your time. I have great memories of finding a giant container of jelly bellies, grabbing a slice of pizza or the time I went a little overboard and spent $200 while shopping with Grandma. This wouldn't have been such a big deal but she wouldn't stop telling everyone at church about it so that was fun. Love you Grandma. The hubs and I bought our television once from there and still love it. Last time Mom and I went I was shocked at how big they're getting. Does everyone fantasize about having a giant tv or is that just me?

Mom and I've been hitting the aisles about once a month splitting great deals and catching up. I am a grab one of everything, impulse shopper and Mom is pretty rigid when it comes to what she wants so we're a good mix. With a new Costco about to drop in Pasco I thought I'd share some of my favorite items to grab and would love to know what other people love. Message me with your favorite recipes or most recent purchase you love.

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Frozen Fruit

With the weather getting warmer smoothies are the perfect grab and go meal so heading to the frozen section at Costco is a great start with all different types of mixes to test out. I currently am on a triple berry blend kick but mangos will be joining my future.


From Greek to probiotic and more this is a hit for any yogurt lover and once you get started it really is great to have in the house


You can go with the frozen tenders and nuggets but you better try one of the Costco chickens too. Cooked to perfection it's a great deal and purchased warm and ready to open and devour if you wanted to. Last time I sliced it all up and turned the carcass into stock.


Not only meatloaf but mashed potatoes and a pad of butter that when melted will have you howling at how tasty it is. Pop this prepared meal in the oven and it's a perfect for a I don't have time to make dinner night. Throw in some fresh bread from the deli and a salad mix and now we're really talking. Wanna splurge on one of their cheesecakes? Worth every bite.


Check back and check often, floor models fly off the shelves and grab that warrantee to guarantee your tv watching days are secure

G-Star Raw
G-Star Raw


The hubs reminded me how good a pair of fishing or knock around jeans are. When in need of a pair to get dirty in the garden in or heading up into the mountains for some camping a pair or two is a good grab


I finally figured out where all the missing pairs of socks go, in between the washer and the dryer. A friendly reminder to dust and check, swear you're going to find some! Socks are the best and what better to kick off a new season than to have


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