My wife and I love asian food and, when we eat, we use chopsticks. This may not be the easiest task if you don't know how to manipulate them to your advantage - especially if you're a child. We had a waiter make some training chopsticks for our kids at a restaurant. Here's how he did it using supplies you probably already have.

Here's what you'll need:

  • a set of chopsticks (the flat pull-apart wooden kind probably work the best)
  • the wrapper it came in
  • a rubber band
  • Take the chopsticks out of their paper sheath and roll the paper tightly into a roll.

    As tight as you can. Pull the chopsticks apart, separating them, as cleanly as possible.

    Place that paper roll between your chopsticks near the flat end, but not all the way at the end.

    Using your rubber band, start binding the chopsticks with a few wraps of your rubber band on one side of the paper roll. After you do it a few times, using the same rubber band, wrap the other side as much as your rubber band can hold. The tighter the band, the tighter you'll have to squeeze the chopsticks to pick up anything.


    Here's a video I took at Odoriko in Waikiki, Hawaii as our server, Jack, did this for us.