It's Girl Scout cookie season. You'll find adorable girls in full gear selling boxes of thin mints, samoas and others in front of grocery stores and at their moms' work places. There is one trick that I'll buy cookies every time. It's an old trick, but the reason people do this is because it works. Here's what you do:

Free Samples!

Costco is the king of free samples. Sure, most of us just take advantage of free samples and carry on with our day, there is that hook that grants you a free sample, puts that taste on your palate and makes it so you want more so maybe you'll end up buying the product.

If you happen to sell Girl Scout cookies, take the investment and buy your own box, split the cookies into quarters and have the cookie samples where you're selling them. It'll also draw them closer to your table. Once they're within proximity, that's when you can hook them on the sale.

Give it a shot and save me a box of samoas, would ya?

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