I was in Seattle over the weekend and they had signs saying I-90 around Seattle was closed during prime traffic times due to the Seafair and they feared drivers would be distracted. This was very annoying.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Seafair. Reminds me a lot of our Air Fair when I was growing up in Yakima. The Seafair features tons of planes including an appearance by the fabled Blue Angels. This, however, seemed unnecessary. Especially closing off a major road that doesn't give you many options for detours, all for some planes in the sky.

This is also hot off the heals of the new E-DUI law to reduce distracted driving. I get it, but could they have, like, not flown over the floating bridge?

Fortunately, I wasn't effected by this as I had to do a bit of shopping before leaving but if it wasn't that I would've been stuck looking for a new road to take. Possibly even going over 520 which is now a toll bridge. Maybe if they excused the toll during that time for convenience, that would've been acceptable.

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