Do you remember any of your first days of school?

To this day, I can still remember my mom walking me to school in first grade. It was a sunny day and I was feeling fantastic. I loved going to school, couldn't wait to see my friends from kindergarten, and plus I was also wearing my favorite red and white dress. It looked like something that the fictional character Heidi would wear (at the time I was obsessed with stories about Heidi and the Swiss Alps). It even had a white faux bodice in the front, with gold sparkly laces.

My mom dropped me off to the teacher, patiently waiting on the front steps of Ross Elementary in Nashville, TN, and when I said hi to my new teacher, Mrs. Rigdon, her mouth dropped and she audibly gasped.

"Mrs. Cosby, did you know that your daughter is wearing lipstick today?"

My mom turned to look at me and did a double take.

"REESHA!!!" she yelled.

I had apparently gone in my mom's purse before we left and smeared the lower half of my face in RED lipstick, which I had by then smeared all over my cheeks and somehow even my forehead.

Here's my daughter, Willow, on her first day of school in the Yakima School District. She was crossing her eyes at me because she didn't want to take a picture, so this is as good as it got this morning! Haha! But look Ma, no lipstick!

Townsquare Media/Reesha Cosby
Townsquare Media/Reesha Cosby

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