I gotta be honest with you. I have never owned a cat before.

Growing up we only had a dog, at one point my Dad had a siamese cat that he took over caring for. It had been taken away from its Mom to early so it had some weird habits like chewing on its tail and then whipping you in the face...I don't really think that part was on purpose but it is a cat so anything is possible, right? Siame would also poop outside of the litter box and then get into it to shove the stuff over the side...it stunk and completely defeated the purpose of the box. Cat hair. Hairballs. The meowing.

Sounds like a good time.

They have their own personality, some like to cuddle, and some bite you. Most do both I believe, don't really know because I just don't spend that much time around cats.

About an hour ago I was scrolling through Facebook, I feel like I am still in a bit of a fog after taking a mid-morning nap so when I saw a friend post she found a black kitten in the parking lot of the Walmart, I went for it. Checked with the hubs and in a few hours, we are going to become cat parents. Seriously, now what? haha

Is it crazy that I've decided to adopt this furball without a face to face meeting? Maybe, but we only live once.

I believe I will need a little cat bed, I happen to already have a few cat toys that I have been saving for such an occasion, cat food, and a litter box. Because the cat is soo little I would assume I am going to need to keep it with me all the time so maybe this will turn into an office cat as well.

Help! What do I need to know or get prepared to make sure that this goes well?

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