A few days ago we told you that Crystal Pepsi was coming back but the only way to obtain some was through a contest that Pepsi was promoting. As I have a knack for nostalgia I was hoping to win. Well, I'm sad to say I didn't, but my wife did!

The only way you could win a 6-pack of Crystal Pepsi was via the Pepsi Pass app or through a special (almost hidden) section of their website. I, not only entered myself, but entered just about every other email address I could think of. My work email, my mother-in-law's email, my wife's email and a few others. I had my friends enter their own email as well in hopes they'd win. I figured if they won they'd hook me up with some.

Winning emails were sent out last night and, to my surprise, several of my friends did win but, alas, no winning email for me. That's when my wife checked her email.

She acted surprised saying she won. I thought she was trolling me until she reiterated that she won in a certain way that I knew she wasn't joking. Showed me the winning email and we both celebrated more than a couple of grown adults in their 30s shouldn't celebrate in winning a 6-pack of soda.

They said to expect about a week for the delivery to come in. When it does, I'll let you know how it is. I vaguely remember how it originally tasted. We'll see if it's the same.

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