50 Cents
My daughter and I were near a pop machine when she request a drink from said machine. I went to see how much it was and was shocked to see it was still 50 cents.
To me, 50 cents is the perfect price or 12 ounces of liquid goodness. In recent years I've seen 60 cents, 75 cents and even $1 for a c…
Crystal Pepsi Winners Announced
A few days ago we told you that Crystal Pepsi was coming back but the only way to obtain some was through a contest that Pepsi was promoting. As I have a knack for nostalgia I was hoping to win. Well, I'm sad to say I didn't, but my wife did!
What could be easier?
107.3 KFFM along with Pepsi want to get you premium box seats for two with parking to see Dave Matthews Band live at the Gorge on Saturday September 5. You are one selfie away from winning!
Five soda fountains that pop!
Everyone has their vices. I don't smoke, I don't drink coffee, I stay away from hard alcohol. But one thing I'm pretty fond of is pop from the soda fountains usually found at most gas stations. It's something I call a B.A.P. which stands for Big A$$ Pop.
Return of Crystal Pepsi?
Everything '90s is coming back in fashion. Surge was reintroduced, General Mills brought back French Toast Crunch and everyone said, "That's fine, but where's my Crystal Pepsi?" Petitions started going around and that's when a competitive eater received a messag…
Coke, Pepsi green up
Coke and Pepsi have seemingly always battled for soda supremacy. Both would come out with new products. Some would be similar as both would have a no-calorie soda, both would have one featuring lime or sometimes they'd have new flavors for the public to test. Both Coke and Pepsi are announcing …

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