During the holiday season, the weather gets chillier and your mood can begin to shift. Dealing with the stresses of finances and family, and then the underlying issues of things not dealt with, can begin to throw you in a funk you don't even see until you're deep in that rabbit hole.

Are you a male who is suffering from abuse?

We always talk about the ladies and how they suffer, but what about you? Only 5% of male abuse is reported, but I know there are MANY out there suffering and I want you to know I see you, you are not alone and it's OK to reach out for help.

The national domestic abuse hotline 1-800-799-7223 is set up for EVERYONE who is struggling and needs help from an outside source. It can be scary and overwhelming, so please take a deep breath and make the call. Asking for help, gathering information to make a better decision and releasing some of the pent-up poison can make a world of a difference in your everyday life.

The time for sucking it up, not showing your pain and acting like females are the only ones being abused is over. The amount of people suffering in our country -- in our world -- is immeasurable. But with the help of educated volunteers and professionals, we can overcome the stigma around abuse and provide resources to begin the healing.

If you are wondering what types of abuse are out there:

Thank you to Yakima City Councilwoman Holly Cousens for sharing a hotline number on her social media.

Another local friend, Rick Castenade, filmmaker and native of Granger, invited me to join the group I Need You To Tell Me Everything. A Seattle man has written a book about his abuse and created a free online platform where you can watch the story in an interactive way. I will be honest, it's quite a read and intense, but it's also laid out in a unique way -- and it's important. I follow all his posts and deep thoughts.

There is so much horrible going on. You can choose to bury your head, or try to educate yourself and be an advocate for those who aren't strong enough to stand yet. That's where I fall these days. The lost, the forgotten -- I see you.

You shall overcome. You are not alone and I am here for you. Whatever you need, speak it out loud and let's start healing.

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