I have a 4-year old in my home, which for me has meant that it has become pretty disastrous and messy! Every time I get my house clean, neat and tidy, it is destroyed by my daughter within hours, to the point where it looks as though a train, tornado and an evil Play Dough fairy have come right through my living room!

As of today, I have completely tidied up my formerly messy daughter, so now all of her clothes, shoes, books and toys are neatly arranged in one space in the SAME closet! She has become excited about finally having her own closet, and she knows that everything she needs has its own space and place. She doesn't have to ask me where things are anymore! What a breath of fresh air!

I have tried everything to get organized, from asking friends to come over and help me throw things away, to reading dozens of books on "minimalism" and organizing. None of them have worked!

Over the Thanksgiving four-day holiday weekend, I spent a few hours listening to an audio-book called "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" (written by a Japanese organizer, Marie Kondo). It has already sold over 2 million copies and is on the New York Times best-seller list.

On Friday, I took the plunge and started doing all the things Kondo suggests -- AND IT IS WORKING!

I am simply amazed!

Today, I am beginning the work of tidying up my own closet and the rest of the house. I highly recommend this book if you are in the same boat as me. Good luck on your tidying journey -- you need to get your hands on this book today!

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