Who knew that something as simple as a bookshelf could bring a bit of serenity to your life? Taking a moment to breathe and relax at home has been something I've tried to achieve many times over, to no avail! How can I come home, shut out the world and breathe deeply when there's always lots of clutter, toys, dishes, and books to trip over in the hallway in my house?!

Well lately, I have been taking charge of my life by writing down my goals, the biggest of which is to become a minimalist. I have been in the re-organization process for quite some time (I think it's officially been all of the years of my life), but after feeling stagnant since my daughter was born five years ago, I am finally making some huge progress!

I read the book, The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and so far, I have been able to declutter my home in a huge way in less than a year. With the book's help, I have so far decluttered my daughter's closet and toys, my own closet, discarded a ton of paperwork, photos, clothes and mementos. It has truly been a miracle. I even tidied up my bookshelves and got rid of nearly 100 books!

I have still been living in a cluttered space, though, so last week, I did a few things to jumpstart: I rearranged the furniture in my living room, sectioned off a clearly designated "office space" for all of my DJ equipment and my desk, and lastly, I shifted the kitchen table by moving it closer to the sofa.

I sighed a breath of fresh air and instantly felt positive chi, yet something about my living room space was still off. I decided to do a few more things to help me create a sense of serenity in my home. I moved my bookshelf, which is rather large and wide, and placed it against the wall in front of my sofa.

I took to Pinterest to look for ways to decorate my bookcase, as a first step to apartment beauty. I have a Pinterest board labeled "Fake That Interior Designed Look", and one of my "pins" is for bookcases, so I used it to decorate my both of my bookshelves and they now look fabulous!

My next project goal to create that serene feeling, is to decorate my walls with picture frames. I'll let you know how that turns out!

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