I love 'Magic Erasers'. I have small children and they can get out most stains with ease. They're also great for cleaning grime on ovens and bathtubs. I recently learned that the material used to make 'Magic Erasers' is a super-cheap material that you can order 100 sponges for less than $10. That's right! If you're paying more than a few cents on an 'Magic Eraser', you're spending too much!

'Magic Erasers' are just melamine. Melamine is a substance used in a lot of things as it can be used as sound proofing, dry erase and cleaning, of course. If you avoid the namebrand and just get the generic sponge, you can get a lot for super cheap.

You can order 100 sponges for less than $10 through Ebay or Amazon.

They're great to have and 100 should last you a long, long time.

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