Looking for that special gift for that special someone? Never mind a Christmas present, how about a Halloween present? As it turns out, people are selling haunted dolls. These are dolls found in haunted buildings or dolls that the sell claims to possess an evil spirit within.

The one featured in the photo above is simply listed as Haunted Doll. Supernatural. Paranormal.

This spirited doll has very positive and bright energy and likes to be around children or young spirit dolls. she communicated through the spirit board and pendulum and also helps with energy healing and aura healing.

There are several other ones listed on Ebay as well. Mindy, a $45 porcelain doll, that comes from a haunted location. Or you can place a bid on Amy, a haunted doll fetching $125.

There are some pretty silly ones out there. If you're bored, maybe browse Ebay and see what's up for bid.

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