Remember that dire warning we got a couple of months ago that residents of Washington state could not get on a flight at the airport if they didn't have an Enhanced ID or a passport?

Well, good news! Thank goodness, we can still get on a domestic flight using our standard Washington state id's!

A couple of weeks ago, one of my dearest friends, Mario, informed me that he is getting married in November 2018 in Los Angeles. The way my budget is set up, saving up for a plane ticket is hard on my limited budget, but I told Mario that I would do whatever I could to make it to his wedding. I called to mind that a few months ago, Governor Inslee had extended a discount (the cost is now less than $80) to all Washington state resident to upgrade state id's before the new 2018 TSA rules.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been in a state of panic because time has been running out! I've been working extra hours during the week and I couldn't get a moment to get down to the licensing office to upgrade my ID to the enhanced one. I had wanted to finally get myself a passport, but those jokers cost at least $160-something dollars. After buying all those Christmas presents and paying all my bills, getting a passport just wasn't an option for me!

Imagine my relief when I read that the TSA deadlines for Washington state has been extended to the year 2020! Whew! Crisis averted!

Okay everyone, go out and enjoy your flights!

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