There was a report about a year ago where there was a spike in missing items while flying. In the interest of security and safety, TSA agents will scan and search you. I've, personally, been asked to 'stand aside' for an x-ray which I didn't take personally. I had nothing to hide and they're just doing their job.

When I see things like this report, however, I have to shake my head in shame.

ABC decided to put TSA validity to the test. They would deliberately leave items behind including iPads and cash. Nine out of ten times, they did what they're supposed to do - call you out on the intercom to come back and claim your missing items.

This one case, however, was last seen in this guy's hands. They track it using the 'Find My iPad' feature and, curiously enough, it pin-pointed 30 miles away from the airport to the home of the TSA agent where it was last seen with.

Funny, that.

If you have to travel, only bring what you need and, seriously, don't leave stuff like your iPad behind. Those things are expensive.

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