If you plan on flying on a plane in 2018, you need to update your passport or get one!

We sent our team out to confirm with the staff at the Yakima Air Terminal that you will NOT be able to travel on commerical domestic flights if you are flying out of or into an airport in Washington state because our state is not compliant with the federal REAL ID law because our licenses will not show proof of citizenship.

Your state-issued ID will even get marked to show that it is not up to date, and you will need either a federally issued passport or an enhanced ID to travel within the United States (or abroad). Gov. Jay Inslee has made it possible to purchase a reduced enhanced drivers license for just $78 (compared to the previous $108 cost).

The friendly skies will be not-so-friendly to you after Jan. 20, 2018!

If you have a military issued ID, current passport or permanent resident identification, then you will be OK. To get an enhanced ID, visit a local department of licensing office or visit any post office to schedule an appointment to purchase a passport. Remember to bring proof of citizenship, current ID and proof of residence.

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