September is a great month! It kicks-off Fall, Football and WHITE WATER RAFTING! I know right? Seems like as it gets chillier that might not be what people look forward to but those that don't know probably haven't tried it yet!

The first of September Osprey Rafting kicked-off their adventures down the Tieton River and I have to say, it's SO much fun. As I type this I have a tiny sheen of sweat on my upper lip and my hands are started to sweat. Why? Because I am SUPER pumped about my upcoming rafting trip this Sunday and also super anxious!

I have rafted the Tieton a few times and have yet to fall out (oh please don't say I just jinxed myself) I have watched others fall out and pull themselves back in and I have also watched them float down the river hahahaha (it's all safe and they will even give you an instructional break-down before you begin) PLUS you get action pictures to keep forever after you are all done.

Osprey Rafting really hooks it up because it's not just about cruising down the river, no afterwards you get to enjoy a delicious bbq lunch near the water. If you love outdoor activities and adventure this is one of the funniest things I have ever done. You can bring the whole family and they even offer trips in April near Leavenworth. I feel like for a first time the Tieton is perfection but when you are ready to take it to the next level Leavenworth is where you want to be. Hahaha I was shocked at some of the rapids and couldn't keep my mouth shut so I kept swallowing gallons of water as I screamed out my fears and took on each rapid! It's such a rush, they provide you with wet suits so don't worry about being too chilly. If you bring your sunglasses fingers crossed they stay on your head but if you are willing to buy a strap to keep them in place it might be a really good idea.

Funnest part about this weekend, I get to take my nephew Lucca with me. He has never gone so it's going to be pretty interesting :)

The middle of the month is the premium time to go because the water is at it's highest FYI. So don't snooze on this if you really want to go and book your trip today before they are all sold out!



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