Woohoo! I survived my ride down the Tieton River and so did my nephew Lucca all thanks to Osprey Rafting! Couldn't have asked for a better ride for Lucca, who has never experienced white water rafting before! I definitely recommend this river to ANYONE who is looking for a white water rafting adventure. It's a perfect way to literally dip your toes into the experience for first timers or get a little reminder if it's been a while since you last went!

How do you contact Osprey Rafting

The guides have spent the season riding the Wenatchee River, class IIII, the only company in the area to do that! NOW THAT is a ride. I couldn't keep my mouth closed every time we dipped into the rapids I ended up swallowing SO MUCH WATER. But it was so worth it! What. A. Rush!


They are wrapping up their season with class III rides down the Tieton River and I invite you to book before the booking is all gone! (This weekend is it)

Osprey Rafting rafts and mountain view

CLICK HERE to start your adventure. Osprey offers private rides through the week and two start times for your weekend. 9:30am and 1:30pm. I always love a morning ride but either one is fantastic. It will include a BBQ lunch, hamburgers with all the toppings, watermelon and some chips and salsa. Lucca and I filled out our forms and enjoyed some hamburgers while we patiently waited to start the process! Oh the hurry up to wait is always torture! :) You can hear the squeals of people flying down the river too which is such a nice background track while you are getting ready. :)

The osprey gear

Osprey provides you with a wet suit, a helmet, splash guard (I recommend this if you get a lil chilly when wet) Your adrenaline keeps you pretty up but there are some lulls and if the sun isn't shining you tend to get a lil chicken skin. Booties for your feet, a life jacket and your paddle! Hold onto that thing for dear life ;)

I have always had a bit of anxiety going down the river, more the worry of falling out that I am sure everyone has. It has happened once, my very first white water rafting trip in Oregon, class IIII and the ENTIRE raft flipped. Everyone went shooting down the river but THANKFULLY we all made it back in the raft and in one piece to finish the trip! :)

Osprey does a fantastic job of preparing you for the trip. They show you how to hold your paddle, instruct you on what it will look and sound like when you start to paddle (forward paddle, back paddle and all that jazz) how you should sit in the raft and also what to do if you or someone else in the raft does go over the edge. I have been in rafts filled with adult and even little kids and as long as you are paying attention and listening to the instructions, everything should go fantastic! :)

Such an adventure and one I feel EVERYONE should try at least once! If you have gone before I would LOVE to hear about it! You can always find me on social media @sarahjthedj Thanks for reading and happy adventuring!

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