When I come to the station. I have about a half an hour drive. Every day I wake up. I always do these things to make my day better. Before I leave the house. Or just driving somewhere. Just starting your day with these simple tips. I believe will improve your day.

Have gratitude
First off practice gratitude, just being thankful. Whenever I drive to the station from the rez. Or just anywhere in the valley. I like to take in the scenery that we have here in the valley. No matter if it is a cloudy or a sunny day. I'm just grateful to see another day

With all this negativity in the world. Always be grateful for something. For your family, the roof over your head. The money in your account. Have a reason to wake up every day and be grateful. If anything, do what makes you happy.

Give Thanks
Just being thankful for something brightens my day. I'm always thankful for my family and friends. Having a roof over my head. Having a car that works. There was a time where I would either walk or ride a bike everywhere.

Yea I enjoyed the exercise. But sometimes horsepower is faster than pedal power. So remember to have something to be thankful for.

Laugh and Smile
This is something we all should do every day. That is laugh and smile. Nobody really wants to be around people who are negative. Think of it as a bowl of fruit. If you put something rotten in the bowl. Eventually, the other fruit will become rotten.

You can be that person that can brighten someone's day. I'm always laughing or joking about something. Even if it's just to myself. I always try to keep that positive mindset. If I can make someone laugh or smile, I feel better. Because some else is feeling better.

Doing these simple tips can make your day a lot better. Of course, there will be days where it can be an emotional roller coaster. I even have those days. Do the best you can. If anything, remember to smile and a nice day.

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