• Merck Animal Health announces the launch of Creating Connections -- a new program designed to help producers understand cattle behavior.The goal is to use that knowledge to develop strategies to reduce animal stress, improve reproduction and foster stronger immune responses.Since calmer cattle are easier to examine, diagnose, treat and transport -- the techniques shared through Creating Connections will help make it easier to improve the health of their herds.
  • Now farmers and ranchers can have a long-range Internet connection up to 14.5 miles from their home-based router.Ayrstone Productivity introduced the AyrMesh™ Bridge, a five-mile-long, point-to-point Internet bridge that acts like a wireless Ethernet cable, allowing farmers and ranchers to easily connect distant devices to their networks.The AyrMesh Bridge can also be used by those who don’t have an AyrMesh network, simply as a way to connect one part of the farm to another, even devices that are several miles apart.

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