The Seattle Mariners have finally done it, the drought is over and Seattle is heading to the playoffs. If you're wondering why they call it the drought it's because the Mariners have clinched a playoff seed since 2001. We wanted to have some fun and look back to the early 2000s and see what existed the last time Seattle made it to the Play-Offs.

Check out the list below and let us know if you think we missed something big or if you remember any of these places. Remind you. a good amount of Mariners fans today were born after the year 2001 and have never seen a winning Mariners team, you may be shocked at how much has changed.

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5.) Blockbuster Video

Looking for a fun Friday night, then Blockbuster video is your go-to place in 2001. Back in the day streaming just wasn't a thing, if you wanted to watch something you had to watch it live, tape it, or rent it on video.

Not only was Blockbuster the hot spot on Friday nights for movies but you could rent video games too and grab snacks for your night of fun. Blockbuster went out of business in 2011 after filing for bankruptcy, however, they wouldn't have had to if they had bought Netflix when it was offered to them in the year 2000 for $50 million dollars.

4.) Dial-Up Internet 

Millennials all over will read Dial-Up Internet and hear the loading in sound, it was a horrible screeching sound that felt like you were hacking the U.S government every time you logged in.

Anytime you wanted to be on the internet, check emails or look at the news you had to pray no one would call you while you were, otherwise it would boot you offline. Spending too long playing online games and your parent wanted to use the phone, get your butt off that internet. Thankfully it ended during the mid-2000s

3.) Phone Books

At least once a month we would get a new phonebook delivered to our house with all the updated phone lists and business around us. In that day most businesses didn't have a website or even care about the internet so this was the only way you can find what you were looking for.

To this day you'll find businesses that randomly have an A in the front or a random number, that's because they more than likely became a business during the time the phonebook was still around, so you would see their name in the front instead of in alphabetical order. Thankfully Phonebooks became a thing of the past and the waste of paper was cut down.

2.) Limewire

Wanna download music on the internet, but your mom won't let you buy it, thank goodness for Limewire, you only had to pay for super harmful computer viruses. Limewire was a way to illegally download music, this was the time before youtube, Spotify, or Itunes so the only places you could get your music were CDs, cassettes, MTV, or the radio.

However, Limewire was the savior of angsty teens everywhere who wanted new music but couldn't afford it. Limewire was however sued by the music industry and taken down by 2010 making it a true end of an era.

1.) 1st Generation iPod

The device no one realized would completely change the future, sure we had MP3 players but those were walking USB sticks that could fit maybe 40 songs on them. Hence why Limewire came into play and CDs became a thing of the past.

iPods not only had their own Itunes store where you could purchase albums and songs individually for .99 cents but the iPod itself could hold over 1,000 songs and had 10 hours of battery life. Looking at it now that's nothing compared to today and our phones however, the next-gen iPod would come not too long after, creating a world of Apple Products to follow including the iPhone.


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