I used to use my iPhone for so many daily things in life. It was my grocery list, my camera to capture moments of my kids lives, I set the alarm for laundry, checked my bank in a pinch and so much more. It was a sad day when my iPhone finally broke but, as it turns out, it never broke. No power cord wanted to charge my phone anymore. I found out why.

I would buy new cords that may or may not work, but even still, I'd have to jam the cord in and wiggle it around until it finally took the charge and recognized there was a cable inserted. Once it no longer read anything after so many failed attempts I moved on and bought a new phone.

It turns out I never needed to in the first place.

As it turns out, all I needed to do was clean the lint out of the charging port. What could have costed me $200 in repairs I fixed myself with a free toothpick I grabbed at a restaurant (after purchasing lunch there, of course).

A simple, non-aggressive swipe took out a ball of lint. Yep, that did it! Soon as I did that I calmly inserted a charging cable into my phone and a very familiar Apple logo popped up.

I'm so embarrassed that's all it took, but if that happens to you, too, give this a try before you scrap it.

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