Every once in a while, you'll get those annoying messages saying you should update your device. Sometimes you just put them off until another time. This time, however, you really should update as not doing so could be an open door for hackers.

The problem comes from the engrypting data between your device and wifi. Without this system update, someone may be able to retreive your personal information from it. Don't hesitate it. Do it now!

If you have an iPod, iPad or iPhone, here's what you need to do.

Go to Settings (the silver cogs looking app)

Click on General

Click on Software Update

If it asks you to install iOS 7.0.6, click 'Install Now'.

It's a quick update, but you may need to plug your phone in whiel it's doing it. The first time I tried, it wouldn't as I had less than half battery.

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