Today is Embrace Your Inner Geek Day, so what are you geeky about?

Let me first of all state that being a geek is totally different from being a nerd or a dork. Geeks can be geeky about all sorts of things, not just gaming, comic books, and costume-themed conventions.

As for me, I'm geeky about food, Game of Thrones, all things New York City, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter movies and the Sex & the City TV show.

Embrace your inner geek by surrounding yourself with pictures, board games, figurine toys and fan pages or websites. Some geeks love to go on geeky experiences, such as the Geek Street Fair or Geek Girl Con in Seattle.

On my bucket list is to someday dine at the Harry Potter themed restaurant in Toronto and the one in Singapore called Platform 1094. I also plan to take the Sex & The City Tour bus the next time I'm in Manhattan!

As for things I'm geeky about in Yakima Valley, I would have to list all the WINERIES at the top of my geeked about list, followed by Major's Beer-Battered french fries, dining at Cowiche Canyon Kitchen restaurant, and my newest favorite thing to be geeked up about, Geeks Who Drink trivia night at Yakima Sports Center, hosted by the funniest and best trivia host I've ever met, Ben Johnson (from the famed local band, Shoot Jake).


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