Here are the top five things I heard in reaction to my makeover (in no particular order):

1. You almost look like a movie star or something! - Char

2. You are waaay sexier than you sound on the radio. - Three dudes in the parking lot at Sports Center

3. (pouts) Mommy, you look prettier than me. - My 5-year old daughter, Willow

4. You look so great! ROFLMAO. (shaking my head) - My mom, Mary, via text

5. Who did your hair, makeup and nails?! - Everybody

My birthday felt like one of those Hallmark/Lifetime/Oprah Network movies-meets-the-movie-Clueless-meets-My Fair Lady. (I guess that would make me Tai Doo Little, ha!)

I usually don't plan anything big for my birthday. In the past, I have always looked forward to going over to my friend Heather's house and we just let the kids run around eating cupcakes while we sit and gossip in comfy recliners. Nothing big. One year, I treated myself to some fancy Jo Malone perfume and Tom Ford lipstick. But still, nothing big.

This year, since I am turning the big 42, I still wasn't planning on anything big for my birthday until my friend Becky decided to throw me a big birthday party at a local watering hole. For some reason, I wanted to show up to my party, wow-ing everyone with a new look. I have been sick and tired of looking like I feel sick and tired, and feeling invisible! My look was stagnant and uninspiring. Gurl, bye!

Perhaps I'm having a case of a mid-life crisis or maybe I'm just a late bloomer, but I finally did something drastic with my "look" and stepped into the year 2016. After my makeover yesterday on my birthday (I'll let you guess how old I really am), for the first time in DECADES, I finally feel as beautiful on the outside as I do on the inside. Sometimes, a big makeover is all it takes to get your groove back! *snaps fingers in the letter Z formation*

My makeover would not have been possible without Klassy Stylz Salon & Nail Spa 3904 Terrace Heights Dr, and especially not without Nathan (owner and general manager), Yesenia (hair), Ale (nails), and Ninna (makeup and lashes)! Without this warm and hilarious team of multi-talented professionals, I would not be feeling so fabulous and ready to take on the world for the next forty something years to come! (Oops, I almost gave away my real age!)

After my makeover in the salon and nail spa, I joined some great friends for a home cooked gourmet meal of hot pepper jelly over goat cheese, ribs, summer salad, garlic bread, riesling and champagne. How lucky am I to have some really awesome friends in my crew, which includes Rich, the co-owner of Rich Sisters Catering, who made the meal!

After dinner, we headed out to Sports Center, where I got to sing "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton for "Karaoke Night" with Erin from Big Ern Productions. Lucky me, it just so happened to also be the night that Coaster was putting on an impromptu show on the stage, as he is preparing to go out on tour. I have never heard him in concert before, and he actually blew me away! I'm impressed! Since my group was the first to arrive, it felt as though I had a private concert for my birthday! STOKED!

My friends are amazing, my job is amazing, my makeover is amazing, my family is amazing, and the city of Yakima is amazing.

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