I'm a nerd. I can quote "Weird Al" Yankovic's film UHF verbatim. In my "Nerd Cave" I have statues of Batman & Luke Skywalker. Posters of Spider-Man, Trigun, Rick & Morty, Mortal Kombat, & Ghostbusters. Books on Captain Kirk's autobiography along with the complete works of Mass Effect. "Portal" & "Futurama" figurines grace my shelves. I've accepted it. My wife has accepted it. I'm a geek and it looks like I'm in good company.

All Home Connections went through the painstaking task of comparing stuff like Star Wars or Star Trek, Picard or Kirk, Marvel or DC, and who loves it all and created a map that ranks each state from the "geekiest" to least nerdy. Everything that would fit into this type of pop culture they went through with a comb finer than the ones used to comb the desert in the "Spaceballs" movie, and looks like us here in Washington, do not need to move! Washington ranks at No. 8, which means we have great access to high-speed internet, a good amount of comic book stores, access to kick ass conventions, and plenty of fellow fanboys, dungeon masters, & Game of Throners to hang with!

Check out all the details, break downs, and whose the nerdiest state in the land and what states to NEVER VISIT AGAIN at All Home Connections and check out the map below!

All Home Connections
All Home Connections

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