Yakima has some of the best restaurants in the area. From authentic Mexican food to several options for casual dining and more, we have a lot of options but one thing I've noticed we've been missing are more fried chicken establishments. Sure, we have KFC and just about every grocery store has chicken in the deli case, but not a lot of options beyond that. There are rumors flying that Yakima is getting a Popeyes Chicken. Is this true?

Recently, Hogback Development has casually listed Popeyes Louisiana Chicken and Biscuits is coming 2016 or 2017.

via hogbackdevelop.com
via hogbackdevelop.com

So, although it's a Phase 3, if all goes according to plan we may be seeing a Popeyes Chicken last this year or early next time. I'm hopeful as I love this place and would love to have the option here in Yakima.

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