You may or may not have heard rumors flying around that Trader Joe's may be coming to Tri-Cities. Here's what we've heard.

It all started out with the classic 'I heard from a guy who knows a guy' story. So, and I don't mean to burst any bubbles, this is already looking doubtful. At least for now.

Our sister station KORD in Tri-Cities reported this rumor as seen from a Facebook group. Again, another great way to start a rumor.

Some of the comments pointed out that INSIDE the mall is probably not the best place for a Trader Joe’s. South of the movie theater next to TOYS R US and Old Country Buffet would be a better spot. Since the rumor is clearly about inside the mall, that sheds doubt on the claim.

Tri-Cities is growing pretty fast. I lived there for a couple of years and, in that time, many shops and houses popped up. I wouldn't put it past Tri-Cities to get a Trader Joe's even before Yakima would get one, but Tri-Cities already has Yoke's which is Trader Joe's-like.

Trader Joe's certainly has its following of hardcore fans. I know people who just have to stop by any time they visit Seattle or Portland - mostly to stock up on cheap wine. Although I'd put out there that it's unlikely that they're getting one based on this rumor, you never know.

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