The new Chipotle restaurant opened up in Yakima and there wasn't a big grand-opening announcement, but hungry patrons still found out about it. We want to know what you think: did you love it? Did you hate it?

I have seen facebook comments from my friends that have been there and they range from the "Yum, tasty E. Coli!" to "Finally! It's open!!", and even "I cannot wait to go back tomorrow!". My favorite comment was "Chipotle in the streets, Taco Bell in the sheets!"

A lot of people have been afraid to try the delicious Tex-Mex food at Chipotle because of the recent e. coli scare that began in Washington State and Oregon, and has spread to several other states, but that didn't stop the restaurant from running out of rice and other ingredients for burritos during the opening weekend demand.

Have you been to the new Chipotle, and if so, what is your review of it?

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