This is my lil man Gary Bishop Johnson! He is half terrier half chihuahua with all the BEST parts of both breeds. He is so handsome and sweet and I can't believe when my husband and I laid eyes on him at the Yakima Humane Society he had been there for TWO MONTHS! He was SO used to having people NOT choose him that he gave us a few minutes of his time to show he was a sweet heart and then went to lay down because he just assumed we weren't going to choose him, but he was wrong!

The first time we took him to Discover Park and he got to run at full speed it was incredible, he is SO flipping fast and such a well behaved guy. He would run as far as he could run back give us a kiss and then do it all over again.

There is NOTHING like saving an animal from the shelter so even though I am writing this post at the END of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day there is NO reason not to head out tomorrow and find yourself an incredible animal who will LOVE you more than you ever expected!

I would LOVE to see YOUR shelter pets!! :)

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