Let's be honest, there is a small window of time after Halloween where the air is still warm enough to walk outside with wet hair...that time has passed! So it is officially beanie season! Where is YOUR favorite place to find beanies? Because I will be honest, I just left Love Couture Boutique, with my newest beanie, and I don't know if I will be taking it off, ever! Hahaha

Fall Looks at Love Couture Boutique

I am being serious, once I start wearing beanies for fall and winter, it's like the motivation to do my hair is totally gone. Why would I? I can just throw on a beanie :) BUT thankfully the owner of Love Couture Boutique, Shauna, directs me toward other fantastic outfits, that make it A LOT easier to let go of the beanie. Did you catch the off the shoulder sweater...it also comes in cream and green, super soft and a little funky with the big arms...I like it!


Shauna not only has an entire table of beanies, she also has THE MOST comfortable stretchy tops for underneath your outfits, they are super long so you really feel like all the jiggles are going to stay in one place! And the perfect leggings, not too thick and not too thin...seriously just right!

I asked her what days are best to grab the latest outfits and Shauna said everyday she gets something new so I recommend following her on instagram (she posts it all) so if there is something you LOVE just message her so she can put it aside for you.

Don't let the anger of your cold wet hair keep you from looking and feeling fabulous this fall. Head to Selah and upgrade your outfit with something fancy...like a beanie ;)

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