The wine is flowing at Yakima area wineries this coming weekend as the annual Spring Barrel Tasting gets underway in the Yakima Valley. Barb Glover with Wine Yakima Valley says last weekend was a chance for wine lovers from Yakima to take advantage of tasting wine from the barrel.

A busy time this weekend at Yakima area wineries

This weekend is when wineries expect to see big crowds of people from all around the state and the region. Glover says some wineries closed doors in the valley during the pandemic while others offered limited tastings. The indoor masking requirement is over so no restrictions at any winery in the valley are expected. However even though the state indoor mask mandate will not be in place individual businesses including wineries could still require a face covering. Face coverings are now optional.

Lots of activities planned at the wineries including music and food

Glover says many wineries are paring the wine tasting with BBQ's and live entertainment. Wineries in the entire region are part of the event from the Tri-cities to Ellensburg. Glover says you can taste a wine in the barrel and then reserve a case. When it's bottled you can either pick it up or have it shipped to you. She says if you plan on attending Spring Barrel Tasting bring your own glass and always a designated driver.
For a list of wineries involved and the events check out

Download the wine pass before you leave

Don't forget to download the Yakima Valley Wine Pass, a free digital passport that allows you to access special offers to more than 20 wineries in the Yakima Valley.
The first 150 people who complete eight check-ins at wineries will receive a free Yakima Valley Wine Country t-shirt (limit one t-shirt per person). Those who complete 14 check-ins within 120 days of pass activation will be entered into a drawing to win a Yakima Valley Wine Country Getaway valued at $550.
Yakima Valley Tourism officials say the goal of the Yakima Valley Wine Pass is to increase the number of visitors to businesses and attractions and to encourage repeat visits as well.

Other passes are planned in the near future

Beer is also a big attraction in the Yakima Valley. So where's the Beer Pass? It's on the way! Yakima Valley Tourism officials say a Yakima Valley Beer Pass is now being developed along with two others.

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