"Forget it. No more beaming. This time, I'm gonna walk!" - Mel Brooks, as President Skroob, Spaceballs


Residents in Washington love to explore the great outdoors. Out here, we are blessed to have some of the prettiest hikes in America. We have hikes that are perfect for those who want something challenging, like going up steep hills, moderate hikes for those who want a mix of steep climbs and smoother paved trails, or easy hikes that won’t make you run out of breath (that’s for me, HA). Keep reading to see 10 of the most popular best hikes in Washington state.

The landscape in the Pacific Northwest is idyllic. Hiking in Washington state is so peaceful, relaxing, and a great way to escape the daily grind of working for a living. When you take a hike here, you actually feel like you are living for a living! #BLISS

10 Most Popular Hikes in WA


For State Parks, get the Northwest Forest Pass. You can get more info on it here. The cost for an annual NFS is $79.99.

For hiking in National Parks, you'll need a Discovery Pass. It’s around $35 for the annual pass and you can click here to get details on the Day Passes (which cost less than 12 bucks).

Fair Warning: Some of the best hikes in Washington are a bit rocky and there are hiking trail steps, so keep your eyes on the wee ones, and bring a walking stick if you need help going up stairs. You'll get amazing views of waterfalls, mossy forest lands, wildflowers, serene creeks, and breathtaking views of the Washington state trees and mountaintops.

10 Best Most Popular Hikes in Washington State

Come take a hike with us to view the 10 most popular hikes people love in Washington state.
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Take a Hike, Buddy: The 10 Best Hikes in Washington State


Franklin Falls Trailhead

Franklin Falls Hiking Trail in WA
nmonarizqa via TikTok

Visitors like to take their dogs there and hit the hike. Capture lovely views of the waterfall along the way. It’s rocky, so wear some good hiking shoes or sneakers.

LOCATED: Between the north and south lanes of Interstate 90, just east of exit 47.

@nmonarizqa Franklin Falls is beautiful, easy, and kids friendly! Only 2 miles round trip with an elevation of 360 ft. Go early or in the winter to avoid the I-5 type of traffic in this trail #washingtoncheck #washingtonstate #pnwonderland #pnw #franklinfalls #womenwhohike #kidsfriendlyhike #hiketok ♬ original sound - Isaac Rich | Online Coach




Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls Hiking Trail in WA
rae abby via TikTok

This peaceful place is great to bring kids. They can wade in the water. LOCATED: Olympic National Park near Lake Crescent.

@rae.abby Reply to @jillyanilli Yes! #pnw #pnwtrails #pnwhikes #marymerefalls #washington #olympicnationalforest #pacificnorthwest ♬ original sound - rae.abby



Chain Lakes Loop

Chain Lakes Loop Hiking Trail in WA
taking_hikes via TikTok

The views here are unbeatable. You can catch a full view of Mt. Baker, rolling hills that almost look like they’re straight out of the book, Heidi, plus there’s views of a serene lake to chill out to. The hike is a bit rocky in places.

LOCATED: In the North Cascades near Mt. Baker, Snoqualmie National Forest

@taking_hikes Boom! #fyp #nature #hiketok #takeahike #hike #naturelover #trails #mountains #views #beauty #peace #northcascades #chainlakesloop #mtbaker #moody #boom ♬ Originalton - CENKGO




Hall of Mosses

Hall of Mosses Hiking Trail in WA
pacific.nw.megan via TikTok

Pretend you are Bella trying to have a rendezvous with the dudes from the Twilight books (and movies) out here at the Hall of Mosses hiking trail. It’s a smooth trail for the most part, with steps that aren’t too steep to walk up. LOCATED: In the Hoh Rain Forest in Forks, WA

@pacific.nw.megan October 2021 #hohrainforest #hallofmosses #olympicnationalpark #hiketok #whisper #pnwonderland #quietestplaceonearth ♬ Hoh Rainforest Quietest Place - Pacific.NW.Megan



Lake Serene Hike

Lake Serene Hiking Trail in WA
fati_pnw via TikTok

This hike has been called a “good hike for entry/mid-level hikers.” There’s a bridge along the way, a waterfall, lots of fallen tree trunks, and gorgeous views of a very “serene” lake. At the peak, you can see views of hundreds of evergreen trees and hills. Parking can be hard to find in the afternoons, so plan to get there kind of early in the morning or go during the weekdays to avoid large crowds of hikers.

Safety Tip: Don’t wander into the creek!


@fati_pnw lake serene really living up to it’s name #pnw #wastate #pnwonderland #hiking #hiketiktok #natureseries #gooutside #lakeserene #westisbest #westernwa ♬ Fantasy - Alina Baraz / Galimatias




Denny Creek Trail

Denny Creek Trail Hiking Trail in WA
GonzLinz via TikTok

Expect some rocks and tree roots along this breathtaking trail leading to the creek. Dipping your toes in the water is a highlight. Hikers Tip: Avoid this trail if you don’t like climbing big rocks! LOCATED: I-90 to exit 47 Denny Creek/Tinkham Road in Snoqualmie Pass

@gonzlinz #greenscreenvideo #dennycreektrail #washingtonhikes ♬ Borderline - Tame Impala



Big Four Ice Caves

Big Four Ice Caves Hiking Trail in WA
GeeBec via TikTok

Ever been to an ice cave? I haven’t been yet, but I can’t wait to see the Big Four Ice Caves for myself. The trailhead looks flat for the most part, as there are sidewalks and a small bridge. This is a relatively easy hiking trail to go on. Safety Tip from the Washington Trail team: “Never go into or climb on top of the Ice Caves.”

LOCATED: Mountain Loop Highway in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

@geebec Hiking up to the ice caves in Washington #hiking #washington #hikinginwashington #bigfouricecaves #badbunnybaby ♬ Un Coco - Bad Bunny




Tipsoo Lake

Tipsoo Lake Hiking Trail in WA
ClassifiedCloset via TikTok

This trail is open only during the summer and early fall months (June thru October). Safety Tip: No one is allowed to go into the lake. LOCATED: Chinook Pass in the Mount Rainier National Park, via State Route 410

@classifiedcloset PINCH. ME. Go to Tipsoo Lake if you want to see a ton of wildflowers Super easy stroll and the views are INCREDIBLE. A must stop. - #mtrainiernationalpark #tipsoolake #washingtonstate #pnwhikes #mtrainierhikes #nationalparksusa #washingtonhikes ♬ Another Year - Andrew Gialanella



Wallace Falls Hike

Wallace Falls Hiking Trail in WA
SeattleCouple via TikTok

There’s a gorgeous waterfall and views of evergreen trees to look forward to here. The trail has some steep steps along the way but the hike path is relatively smooth dirt. Hikers Tip: This is a good place to go flyfishing! Another tip is that you can go “mountain biking, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking and rock climbing” at the Wallace Falls State Park.

LOCATED: Stevens Pass

@seattlecouple The rainbow is a paid actor #seattletiktok #seattle #seattlecheck #seattlehike #seattlehiking #hikepnw #seattlewashington ♬ Jump To The Rhythm - Jordan Pruitt




Heybrook Lookout

Heybrook Lookout Trail in WA
ExploreWithNam via TikTok

This pretty hike may be short, but it has been labeled as steep by the Washington Trails peeps, FYI! Catch views of mountains, ferns, and forests covered in moss. LOCATED: Stevens Pass, in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

@explorewithnam Have you ever found a short hike within 60 min drive that looked this gorgeous? Heybrook Lookout, washington #washingtontrails #washingtonhikes #washingtonhikersandclimbers #pnwhiking #hikingadventures #hikingtok #sunrisehikes #pnwsunrise #pnwadventures #seattle ♬ Solas - Gibran Alcocer


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