When tourists come to visit Seattle for the first time, they come with an itinerary in hand. Usually, these include the most popular tourist traps, like the Space Needle, walking along the Pier on Alaskan Way, and perhaps sneaking in some Dick's Burgers.

Other popular Seattle spectacles include riding a double-decker bus, checking out the houseboat where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed, or maybe even taking in a Mariners game.

Some people want to visit Seattle the way a true local would, stopping in at all the insider hot spots. Whether you've visited Seattle one time, no times, or many times, I encourage you to consider putting one (or all) of these hidden gems on your To-Do list!

13 Hidden Gem Spots Seattle Locals Use to Make You Jealous You Don't Live There

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby



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