Good news for residents living in the Terrace Heights Water System Zone 2a. A boil water advisory has been lifted after test results came back negative for contamination Thursday.  E.Coli was found in the system last week.


Yakima County Public Works officials first discovered the presence of E.Coli on August 3 after routine sampling of water in the system.
From that date forward county public works officials searched for the source of the contamination. Chlorine levels were increased at the discovery of the contamination and days of testing followed. Samples were taken this week with test results coming back negative on Thursday morning.


However Yakima County Utilities Manager Joe Stump says they haven't yet been able to pinpoint the source of the contamination. He says they have an area in the system they're watching closely but no answer as to the source yet. But he says the water is safe to consume.


Stump says make sure you turn on your taps and run the water and flush any system that uses water like an ice machine. About 130 homes in the Terrace Heights Water system Zone 2a were impacted by the boil water advisory that has now been lifted.
If you have any questions, you may call 509-574-2300.

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