Granite Falls is tucked away in the woods somewhere in the forests of Washington state, and there is a special place you can stay through Airbnb.

Oh, have you heard about the OMG Airbnb homes for rent? They are scattered throughout the United States and I can't wait to stay in one of them.

The one that caught my eye is this shipping container home for rent in Granite Falls. The home is called the "Canyon Creek Cabin."

This Gorgeous OMG Airbnb Container Rental Home Is Breathtaking
Forest and Andy via OMG Airbnb

It has a 4.8 rating out of 5. It has a sunroom, a front deck with a barbecue grill, and connects to a separate cabin.

Forest and Andy via OMG Airbnb
Sunroom Exterior
Forest and Andy via OMG Airbnb

You can even bring your dog (but no other pets, though).

It's about an hour's drive from Seattle and is close to a flowing river.

OMG, sign me up!

Cabin 2 entrance
Forest and Andy via OMG Airbnb

I guess I should look at the price of this OMG Airbnb rental before I get all flustered.

Welp, it'll run you about $351 per night, and that does not include the Airbnb surcharge and the cleaning fee.

It's worth the price to me though because of the serenity I would experience there. AND THEY HAVE A PRIVATE HOT TUB!

Hot Tub
Forest and Andy via OMG Airbnb

They had me at hot tub.

Other OMG Airbnbs in the area that are gorgeous and eye-catching include this home on the banks of Hood Canal in Port Ludlow.

Port Ludlow Airbnb
ParadiseBayGetaway via OMG Airbnb

Check out some of the other OMG Airbnbs in Washington!

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