Food magazines and restaurant review websites are always telling us what the most popular pizza joints in Washington are. We check out their lists frequently and make mental note to try out the pizzas at these tasty Washington places.


We wanted to see what people living in Washington have chosen as their favorite underrated pizza places.


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Foodie magazine columnists and newspaper writers at Seattle Met, Food & Wine, Eater, and the New York Times seem to like the more upscale pizza parlors, whilst entities like Yelp and Trip Advisor will show you what pizza restaurants their reviewers highlight with on scale with a 5 star-rated system.


First, let me tell you about my list of the top 20 most underrated pizza joints in Washington. There are 2 places I want to try the most: 1) For the Love of God Brewing in Spokane; and 2) Border Town Pizza in Blaine. Keep reading to see the 18 other beloved underrated pizza restaurants in Washington that I think the whole world should know about.

1 . For The Love of God Brewing

WHAT TO TRY: “My big fat Greek pizza” AND one of the dessert pizzas.

“Feel the Love in Every Bite.” - For the Love of God Brewing


Patrons of this pizza joint rave about this “cozy” and “super quaint and locally rooted” totally underrated brewery located in the Audubon neighborhood of Spokane. Customers rave about their “house made dough, house made sauce” and “homemade Neapolitan pizzas.” Legend has it that there is an adorable “resident dog” that loves to stop by your table and give you a friendly paw welcome.

For The Love of God Brewing & Pizzeria

Closed on Mondays.

2617 W Northwest Blvd, Spokane, WA

2 . Border Town Pizza

WHAT TO TRY: “Mama Mia” pizza with a Mediterranean side salad.


Blaine (incorporated in 1890) is a Washington state gateway city to the Peace March Border Crossing Customs station that leads to Surrey, Canada. Nearby Birch Bay (established in 1792) is only 35 miles away from the Canadian border. Border Town Pizza boasts as being “the oldest pizza place in Blaine and Birch Bay.”

Border Town Pizza in Blaine, WA

738 Peace Portal Dr, Blaine, WA


20 Totally Underrated Pizza Shops in Washington State

We think the whole world should be so lucky to have a bite of pizza from one of these underrated tasty pizza restaurants in Washington!


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