It’s been years since I’ve had any “fun” in the backseat of a car. It made it even more awkward that it was a two-door Nissan Pulsar that had a back seat, mainly for insurance reasons. The vehicle was SMALL. Add to the fact that I’m a heftier fellow, and it made the experience even more intimate, not necessarily by choice. But what could I do?

I couldn’t take my date home, my family was there, and there would be no privacy. Same for her house. And after the expensive date, who could afford a hotel? So we attempted our fun in the back of the car. Getting caught could be risky, but that was part of the dumb fun. How much trouble would we have gotten into precisely if we were caught? (Spoiler alert, we weren’t).

According to Shouse Law Group, “There is no criminal law that specifically states that it is per se illegal for people to have sex in a car.” Although, if the act is in a public area or in public view, then there might be some charges. (Keep in mind, all of this is talking about two consenting adults).

What Could You Be Charged With For Getting It On In A Car?

Of course, it can vary depending on the jurisdiction, but anything from disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, and public indecency to even lewd conduct. If you were convicted, most of these would be a misdemeanor and likely a fine with the possibility of six months to a year in jail.

Much like the windows inside a car making whoopie, the laws can be foggy. The biggest takeaway from the whole thing is it depends on if the car is parked in a “public area.” In my case (above), I’m pretty sure the Shopko parking lot was a public area.

When in doubt, pull out, and head to a place you own that’s away from the public’s view.



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