I’m pretty sure there is no bad way to make nachos!

To the best of my memory, I’ve only ever been served nachos once that I didn’t enjoy. They were a type of Asian nachos, complete with cheese and peanut butter sauce.

It was weird, but my wife and her family loved it. So, in that instance, it wasn’t the food, it was me.

Now that we’ve discussed good vs. bad nachos, we can focus on the real purpose of this article.


I’d say the saddest nachos I’ve ever had was tortilla chips with cheese slices in the microwave.

It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, but in my opinion, it was better than the peanut sauce abomination!

nacho chips and cheese with a crying emoji

Then there’s this video from Weber Cooks featuring Chef Steven Reed.

You can think what you want about this man and his many (4) videos about different meals you can create in the microwave, but I’ve learned a thing or two or three, maybe four.

In another life, the good Chef could have been on the level of Bob Ross, with his calm demeanor, and occasional life lessons.

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Thanks to the internet, his video for Weber Cooks Nachos, was over dubbed with sad music, to really set a dismal Cinco De Mayo vibe. Check video out.

As you watch the video above, you can thank maître d’/amateur chef, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya back in 1942.

The story goes (according to Wikipedia) that military wives came into the El Moderno restaurant in Piedras Negras, Mexico after the kitchen staff had left.

Ignacio scrambled in the kitchen and created the food that we love today!


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