I hate to admit it. Crime is up. I’ve always been one of those people who, if you ignore the problem long enough, it’ll fix itself or just simply go away. That doesn’t work on paper, doesn’t work in health, and that certainly doesn’t work in life and your community.

Just look through the news every day, and you’ll see another incident of a shooting or burglary and theft, or even laws being broken on the road. Police do their best, but in many incidents, the system is reactionary instead of preventative.

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The threat of penalties, fines, and jail is what passes as preventive, and looking at the news, people breaking the laws aren’t worried.


I found an interesting website called CrimeGrade.org. It takes reports of all the incidents of crime per 1,000 people in a given zip code, breaks it down to the average, and then assigns a letter grade.

Crime Map of Yakima, Washington
CrimeGrade.org / MapBox @ OpenStreetMap

I typed in the zip code I live in, 98902. That zip code received an overall score of D+. Violent crimes were graded at a C-, Property crimes at a D, and other crimes at a B. Surrounding zip codes were graded the same overall.

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