It’s been over a year since the fire at the El Porton location at 2512 Main Street in Union Gap, and since then Yakima’s been down one of its favorite Mexican family restaurants. Many (myself included) got excited when construction started back in December (2022), but here we are towards the end of 2023 and the location is still not open.

Sure we are in no shortage of great places to get our Spanish dish fix in the Yakima Valley, (El Mirador, Xochimoilco, El Porton De Pepe, Don Cheo’s, Los Hernandez Tamales & even the Tieton location of El Porton, to name a few). But for fans of that particular establishment, we are still left wondering when and IF it’ll open back up.

Burned Building
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The fire that occurred on September 4th, 2022 caused an estimated $1.8 million in damage, and work started shortly before the snow fall. Since then, construction has been at a stand still (at least from the outside). The building at one point was “tagged” but most of the graffiti has been removed or covered up, with new boards covering the windows. But still no confirmed open date.

El Porton in Union Gap, Washington

While I was enjoying dinner at the Yakima location, I asked the server is there was a time frame, for the buildings re-opening. She wasn’t sure, but believed summer time of 2024. She also went on to say that “many of the staff and customers miss having that spot to go to, so hopefully soon.

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