Who hasn't googled something? Well, infants and dead people don't count; everyone else, if they have a smartphone or computer, has most likely googled something! Even if it was for not educational purposes. A Northwest comic, Jacob Christopher (I believe that is his name), once joked about Google's true meaning and what it stood for. To Google is to "Go Ogle" someone.

Well, Google is in the middle of a pretty hefty lawsuit that they are expected to pay out $23 million in a settlement. Why? Because the company shared what you searched for with third-party websites and companies (even though Google has denied any liability in the suit). Thanks to a class-action lawsuit, if you used Google between 2006 and 2013, they might owe you some money!

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How Do I Get My Google Money?

Well, there are a couple of steps. First, you would have had to use Google to search for something and click on one of their results between October 26th of 2006, and September 30th of 2013. Next, you would need to submit a claim by July 31st, 2023. (You can get more details on that at RefererHeaderSettlement.com). You can also email
Info@RefererHeaderSettlement.com or call 1-833-512-2306 to get your claim number for submission.

David Paul Morris, Getty Images
David Paul Morris, Getty Images

How Much Will I Get On My Google Pay Day?

According to the official settlement website, you will get enough to get almost two gallons of gas. Each person who files a claim on time and qualifies will get around $7.70. That amount could increase or decrease depending on how many people join the settlement.


What Will You Do?

Are you going to apply for the Google Bucks? Is it even worth it? Tap the App and let us know what you plan to do, and more importantly, what did you Go Ogle, that you think is worth $7.70?

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