Boy, it is the season of giving, and just when you've heard of all the giveaways, BOOM, another one comes flying at your McFace! McDonald's ain't clowning around either! It's all part of the fast food chain's SZN of Sharing event. Three people are going to win McDonald's food for life (at least 50 years). It could very easily be you!

McDonald's For Life Appstakes

According to the Official Rules Page of McDonald's For Life, the contest will start on Monday, December 5th, and run until Christmas night, December 25th. This time frame will be divided into three weeks, with a winner chosen from each time frame.

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What Will I Win in the Appstakes?

According to Section 6, titled "Prizes" on the Official rules page, Three prizes will be awarded. Each winner (after verified) will score a McGold Card with a value of $1,040 per year for fifty years. They break that down to two meals per week for fifty years. One thing I like about this is the fact that they took taxes into account. So the winners will also receive a check for $22,285 to offset taxes. A grand prize worth over $74,000! There's also an option with a "Friends Prize". All those details are here.


It seems pretty simple. When you order from McDonald's, use their app during the contest time frame, and depending on the settings you chose when you installed it on your phone, you'll be entered into the contest. There's also a way to enter without buying anything; details on that option can be found here.

NOTE: If you win, your gold card isn’t guaranteed to work at every McDonald’s, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. If McD's isn't your thing, that's fine; let me know, and I'll be your McBuddy!


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